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F&M Custom Cowlings is proud to introduce a new product called Bezel Backer. This new line of precision-made Bezel Backers, fit behind your gauge or colored bezel rings on your dash to give your dash in your boat a whole new custom look.

They are available in polished stainless and 4 standard colors, blue, red, purple and yellow, and can be custom painted to your fit your needs. Check them out in our online store and call to order today!

Increased Performance

Our custom cowlings are patented to increase air flow through your motor and draw more heat away from the motor than standard or stock cowlings. And it only takes 10 minutes to install them!

We’re Making Waves

These great, new custom cowlings can also be seen in advertisements in Hot Boat Magazine and Extreme Boat Magazine.

Ordering is Quick and Easy

Order right now on our On-Line Store or contact us today to order a custom cowling for your own boat motor!